We are proud to announce a great new product, "Air Probe Sanitizers". Air Probe Sanitizers are a sophisticated Ultra Violet light filtration system.

Have you ever noticed on a beautiful summer day your outside, and the sun feels so good beating down on your face? Sunlight is a positive way to feel, it makes your feel good. On a rainy day, dark humid, you feel sluggish and blah. (Sun - ultra violet light kills bacteria, mold, germs etc.)

Aztil spent 2 months educating our team on Ultra Violet lights to see how and why this is needed. And I have to say, it's amazing how this product eliminates watery eyes, runny noses, coughing, odors, pet smells, cooking smells, breathing problems and allergies.

If you would like a free brochure sent to you, please call for a demonstration and video on this new healthy product.

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